Donna and I have enjoyed living in Las Vegas for twenty-eight years and AA.Cassaro Plumbing has been the company we have called for service for all those years, ever since I met Angelo Cassaro as part of my efforts to interviews Italian Americans who were contributing their time and talents to the development of Las Vegas. That was back in 1988. Our daughters were small and our home as big. The skilled and service oriented tradesmen of AA Cassaro Plumbing always arrived on time and always answered fully any questions we might have. My wife, a teacher, and I, a professor at the College of Southern Nevada, were impressed both by the extent of the knowledge of these tradesmen and their willingness, indeed enthusiasm, to share their knowledge. We recommended to several friends that they use AA Cassaro Plumbing, and no one ever questioned our recommendations.

In more recent years, our daughters completed their graduate or professional studies and left the big house, so Donna and I moved to a smaller home in Sun City, Summerlin in December 2006. Shortly after moving in, we learned that our new home was among the thousands that had a KITEC plumbing system that was defective. While we did not welcome this news, we were so pleased to note that AA Cassaro Plumbing was among a handful of plumbing contractors recommended to re-plumb homes by the plaintiff¹s law firm that represented the homeowners of the class action lawsuit.

Our home was of the very first ones in Sun City to be re-plumed. In addition to the several skilled plumbers and other skilled tradesmen of AA Cassaro Plumbing, we had, quite a few neighbors asking to ³take a peek², and several representatives of defendants in the class action law suit exercising their right to enter our home. The AA Cassaro Plumbing employees were unfazed by the coming and goings and were courteous to all. Indeed, the general foreman and TEAM manager, Art Mecuro asked us if we might invite neighbors to come by on a particular evening so he could explain the nature of the problem that existed and provided detailed discussion how they would resolve the problem. Everyone was impressed by his knowledge and his willingness to patiently answer all the questions.

In closing, we mention our daughters will call AA Cassaro Plumbing if/when they experience any plumbing problems in their homes.

Professor Alan Balboni and Donna Balboni

As the owners of a large Community Association Management Company located in Southern Nevada we have many contractors on our Prime Vendors list. I personally oversee this list to insure that our managers and especially our clients are getting the best service and pricing available. When it comes to plumbing my contractor of choice is A.A. Cassaro Plumbing. Cassaro plumbing is not only a one stop shopping contractor for all of our plumbing issues but their timeliness and professionalism is second to none. They are always on time, their technicians properly dressed and outfitted with state of the art equipment. Whether it is a water leak in a condominium in the middle of the night or a major water supply line broken in the street, Cassaro has always been there for my managers and clients. This was evident when they were selected as our Vendor of the Year for exceeding all expectations.

Ken Williams, Owner
Complete Association management Co. LLC, (CAMCO)
2009 Large Management Company of the Year

When toxic mold was discovered in my home, it created more than a repair problem. It devastated my family and required us to relocate while remission was taking place. Cassaro Plumbing and A. A. Cassaro Construction not only did a fine job with the design and execution of the entire project, but eased the stress and discomfort of the whole experience by communicating on a real time basis every step of the way. And the results were outstanding. We are totally pleased and would never go anywhere else for construction or plumbing work.

Very truly yours,
Gordon Silver
Dominic P. Gentile, Esq.